WINNER Announced

All the names were entered into and the winner is Ellyse O’Sullivan, of Yamba, NSW Australia.

Thank you to all who took part in entering. These five hand crafted photo cards are on their way to Ellyse. The really cool thing about these cards is that they can be used for all occasion, or no occasion! They are such a fun alternative to the usual greeting card. You attach a photo to the front of the pull tag and write your greeting on the back. While we tend to throw away most cards after some time, these photo cards are keepsakes.

You can purchase these cards from my etsy store here. They are made to order, with your chosen colours and theme.



Everyone loves a freebie!!

One lucky winner will win FIVE, that’s right…. FIVE handcrafted photo cards just like these. Simply go to The Sleepy Artisan at facebook, like the page, and share the post on your wall to be in the running. Remember, you must LIKE the page and SHARE the post to be counted.

These photo cards are truly one of a kind, and are a unique alternative to Christmas/New Year Cards. Winner will be announced at the last day of the month. Good Luck!

photo cards

Miss Mia Malone

I’m working on a commissioned storybook for a little baby girl named Mia. I have enjoyed working on this book very much. Mia’s mother, who happens to be a friend of mine has put all her trust in my creativity and asked me to choose a theme for this book. So, I’ve decided to create this one completely intuitively. In crafting my vision for this book, I’ve borrowed elements of the world that surrounds me and tried to see through inquisitive eyes.. youthful curiosity.

Miss Mia M

To the Gypsy that remains

5x7 photo cardspainted, dyed, block printedhandmade paper rosescolourful concoction1

A 9×6 inch gypsy themed photo storybook in the making. I’m really enjoying working on this book. I enjoy going through the motions of transforming mixed patterns and bold colours into a functional and beautiful creation. Like all my books, the whole thing is handcrafted – from hand torn pages, handmade journal cards and photo cards, bookmark to my handmade paper flowers. I particularly love the way the window pocket has turned out. I created this, with my inspiration coming from Tibetan prayer temples and I think it will be a new add on to all my books from now on. I’m excited to see how this will turn out when completed!

When a Child is born, a Mother is also

It feels like it took a long time, down a winding road, to become a book artist. Becoming a banker took me down a different path for many years. But I always created art. I have been creating since childhood, and with no formal art training, I am for better or worse, an intuitive artist. I taught myself how to draw and paint and it just came naturally to me.

Convinced that the fast paced life in the city wasn’t for us, my husband and I left for a self subsistent life in the bush. It wasn’t until I learned that I was pregnant with my son that I was finally able to pursue my dream in a more definitive way. I was building a body of work based on sacred art and created mandalas, yantras and labyrinths which I used as tools for focusing the mind.

Along with these creations, I also kept my most personal thoughts on my journal. For me, transitioning into the next phase of my evolution as a mother was a unique and sacred experience and I wanted the journal itself to be unique, something I can pass on to my granddaughter decades from now. I wanted my journal to be made with love and I didn’t want it to look like any other mass-produced product. I spent many hours late at night writing about my birth journey as well as designing my ideal journal in which to record these thoughts into. This was how The Sleepy Artisan was born.

‘Birth of a Mother’